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Rebuilding Day 2021 is May 1

Rebuilding Day 2021 will “officially” be held on May 1, but projects will continue throughout the year. Interior work and volunteer intensive projects are being spaced out to ensure that COVID protocols are met and everyone can be safe. Volunteers from Builders First Source, Columbia Bank, Hawks Prairie Rotary, Oly Fed, PCI Pest Control, SCJ Alliance, Timberland Bank, TwinStar Credit Union, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington Realtors Association, and Yelm Rotary will be helping on projects. Timberland Bank will be providing volunteers on a fall project. Information on some of our projects:

Sharon and Doug live in a doublewide manufactured home in a park in Tumwater. Doug suffered a head injury in a bicycle accident years ago and has memory and balance problems. Sharon also has medical problems that cause mobility issues. Builders First Source will be repairing and replacing some of their water damaged floors, replacing damaged windows, repairing their deck and ramp, and cutting back their overgrown landscape.

Chong, who is deaf, lives in Lacey. PCI Pest Control volunteers on April 22nd provided extermination services, cleaned her gutters, repaired her chain link fence, removed blackberries and overgrown trees, and pressure washed her home in preparation for painting. Volunteers from Olympia Federal Savings Bank will paint Chong’s home. RTTC has already installed a new toilet, replaced two broken windows (thank you Kell Chuck Glass and Olympia Glass), repaired her kitchen faucet, and repaired a hole underneath her sink.

Sally, who lives in Yelm, will have the siding repaired on one side of her home, her shed’s roof replaced, and new awning supports installed. The Yelm Rotary will paint her siding after our repairs are finished.

Gordon is a very spry 92 but needs some help from Rebuilding. SCJ Alliance volunteers will replace his water damaged living room floor and replace the old wheelchair ramp and deck.

Volunteers from the Department of Fish and Wildlife will be replacing Suzette’s water damaged flooring and sub-flooring. Suzette learned about RTTC from one of her neighbors who was helped on Rebuilding Day in 2019.



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