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Applications For Help Doubled In 2022!

In 2021 we received 59 applications. As of June 20, 2022, we have received 61 applications! Many of these homeowners need help with basics such as CO2 and smoke detectors, grab bars, ADA toilets, stair and handrail repairs, and simple faucet repairs. One of our homeowners hasn’t had a working range for over a year and has a hole in her floor. Another homeowner’s hot water tank failed, but only after it had leaked for months. The water leak caused the tank to literally fall through the floor. The homeowner needs us to both repair the floor and replace the hot water tank. Harold is currently living with no hot running water while we make arrangements to help him.

Grant funds will enable us to help some of our community but not all. Three of our current grants are restricted and can only be used in the city limits of Tumwater and Olympia or in the very rural areas of the county (Rochester, Bucoda, etc.). Donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations are critical to our ongoing mission. We appreciate your ongoing support.



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