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Meet Volunteers Juan & Crystal

Juan and Crystal’s first volunteer experience with RTTC was with a team from the Interagency Committee of State Employed Women when they volunteered on a 2018 Rebuilding Day project. They were looking for ways to build community and give back. They reconnected with RTTC after the pandemic so they could help the community. Crystal and Juan were very attracted to RTTC’s project variety and the rewarding interactions between volunteers and clients.

One of the first projects Juan and Crystal tackled was hanging closet organizers for Brian, our Veterans at Home homeowner, in Nisqually. Crystal mapped out the closet layout and helped install the shelves and closet units with Juan. Through the various projects, she’s learned how to use a number of power tools including a miter box. Juan has a wide variety of handyman and building skills and nothing intimidates him (thank goodness since some of our projects are challenging).

Their most rewarding aspect of volunteering is seeing how just a few hours of time and a little grit transform lives. What feels small and easy for them is often a large hurdle to others. Their volunteering has been a reminder of how fortunate they are and they are often humbled by the gratitude expressed by residents.

When not working or volunteering, they enjoy traveling, hiking and camping with their two dogs - Lyla and Mia, and spending time with friends and families! Thank you to Juan and Crystal for being an integral part of the RTTC volunteer team



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