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Volunteer Spotlight: 'Mom'inated and Voluntold

Foster Johnson is the 20-year-old son of RTTC's volunteer executive director and board member Cathy Johnson. Over the years, Foster has been “mominated” and “voluntold” to help with RTTC projects. He’s made a tremendous positive impact on the organization by compiling data and creating forms, creating presentations, helping at fundraising events, assisting on Rebuilding Day projects, and helping his technologically challenged mother with numerous Rebuilding computer projects. (Even while attending the University of Portland his mother sends him projects!)

Foster will be a senior this Fall at the University of Portland and had planned on having an engineering internship this summer but his plans changed due to COVID. Never one to miss an opportunity, RTTC (aka his mother!) asked him to help out over the summer. Foster has tackled projects that RTTC would “like” to do but often can’t do because the projects aren’t “critical” or we don’t have the people to help. In the last couple of months, Foster has helped build wheelchair ramps and install a dryer, cleaned gutters, removed trash and landscape debris from properties (2600 pounds from one home), painted houses, helped install a new patio cover, and delivered project supplies.

And what does he get for his efforts??? He gets homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies from Debbie, a new RTTC t-shirt in his favorite color (black), a very happy mother, and the appreciation of many homeowners.

He (and his mother) took lemons and made lemonade. We are extremely grateful for both of them!



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