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Projects, Projects, Projects

It finally feels like summer—we were beginning to feel like it was never going to get here! Rebuilding Together works all year round improving the lives of low income homeowners but when the weather is sunny and dry it makes many of our repairs much easier! John, one of our volunteers, took advantage of the dry weather to caulk manufactured home siding, protecting the home from water damage. Greg and two other volunteers replaced a handrail, built stairs, and completed deck repairs without dodging raindrops.

Volunteers from SCJ Alliance, a long time sponsor, veteran Rebuilding Day team and Toolbox Hero Award winner, helped Carole and her daughter in Tenino on May 4. The SCJ team replaced water damaged siding, painted the newly installed siding and house trim, did some landscape clean up, and installed a new bathroom vanity and faucets. Dan J, a veteran volunteer, has also completed extensive work on the home including installing new doors, replacing deck boards, and more. Thanks again to SCJ Alliance, R & S Plumbing, Welch’s Appliances, Lowe’s, Builders FirstSource and Dan for a job well done.

On May 19, volunteers from the Thurston County Realtors helped on two projects. One team tackled an overgrown landscape, cleaned gutters, and prepped an outbuilding for painting to be done by a church youth group. The second team helped with a project in Yelm. Sylvia had been taken advantage of by a painting “contractor” who didn’t complete the painting project. The realtors finished painting her home, cleaned and repaired her gutters, built a wheelchair ramp, and did some landscape clean up. The team will return later this summer to remove unwanted items from her property.

Two Rebuilding Day bathroom renovation projects have been completed. Betty, 88 years old, and her adult disabled son needed their water damaged bathroom repaired. Long term water leaks from the old shower floor had caused damage to the subfloor and mold. David, a new volunteer, and David Ball, an RTTC employee, removed the water damaged floor and shower, and installed a new shower, bathroom floor, and vanity. Reliable Electric repaired a hallway light for Betty too.



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