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Homeowners In Immediate Need

During our inspections of our applicants' homes, we often find issues that are critical repairs and need to be addressed immediately. In a recent month, your support enabled RTTC to help these homeowners.

Volunteers led by Bruce Keough built a wheelchair ramp for John (pictured). A retired and disabled veteran, John, needed a ramp because his increasingly limited mobility was making it difficult to leave his home for appointments.

Harold’s furnace went into “overdrive’ and wouldn’t shut off so he called our office seeking assistance. A contractor partner serviced his furnace within a day, giving Harold and his caretaker relief from the 82 degree indoor temperature caused by the malfunctioning furnace.

Elizabeth is working with the Community Action Council to install new insulation under her manufactured home to make it more energy efficient. Unfortunately Elizabeth’s home had two plumbing leaks that needed to be resolved before CAC could install the new insulation. Legacy Plumbing, a contractor partner of RTTC, repaired the leaks and soon she’ll have new insulation.

Joseph is disabled and lives on an income of just $1,265 a month. His income and health disabilities limit his ability to maintain and repair his home. Your support enabled one of our volunteers to replace his stairs—an amazing transformation clearly shown in these before and after photos.

Kathleen called the office because the electric line from her home to the power pole had failed. She couldn’t afford to install a new line, so she and her cousin, who is living with her while struggling with colon cancer, had been without electricity for weeks. No electricity meant no heat, no hot running water, no lights, no stove/oven, no washer and dryer, and no refrigerator. We reached out to Element Electric for help and the contractor quickly installed a new power line for her. We received an ecstatic thank you phone call from Kathleen after the new line was installed. I’ve never heard someone so happy to be doing laundry!

Thank you to our volunteers, donors, and contractor and supply partners who enable our neighbors to live in safe and healthy homes!



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