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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to one and all! At Rebuilding Together Thurston County, we are all about making every day happy by providing home repairs and ADA modifications to our homeowners!

Just before Thanksgiving, a contractor partner (with grant funds from the City of Tumwater) installed a new roof for Rodney in Tumwater. Rodney is disabled, fiercely independent, and has lived in his home for 23 years. Over Thanksgiving weekend, volunteers built a wheelchair ramp for Shirley (pictured above), a 95-year-old homeowner who has had double knee and hip replacements and is just now slowing down enough to need a walker and a ramp. Also in November, our dedicated volunteer Dan installed grab bars in a bathroom for Mark, a military veteran with terminal cancer. The grab bars will enable Mark to safely enjoy more time at home with his young family before he needs to move to a care facility.

Pope John Paul II High School students, on December 16, dedicated two hours to community service projects before their Christmas break. Eight student volunteers cut back overgrown vegetation, removed unwanted items, and washed windows for Dawnell. Dawnell, who suffers from various health issues, finds it difficult to maintain her property and greatly appreciated the help. In 2023, RTTC will be repairing and repainting Dawnell’s home with the help of volunteers, contractor partners, and grant funds from the City of Olympia.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers and donates to Rebuilding Together Thurston County because you change lives. And a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated to RTTC during the Give Local campaign! With an anonymous donor’s $5,000 match and the Community Foundation’s contribution, we raised more than $20,000! These gifts will enable us to continue providing safe and healthy homes. Thanks for making it a happy holidays!



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