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A Common Theme

A team from PCI Pest Control cleaned gutters, cleaned up Chong's yard, did pest prevention work, and repaired her chain link fence.

What do Pope John Paul II High School, PCI Pest Control, and Olympia Federal Savings Bank have in common? Serving their community! Volunteers from these organizations improved a Lacey resident’s safety and home. Chong, hearing impaired, a military veteran’s widow, and originally from South Korea, approached Rebuilding for help with home and property repairs. Skilled RTTC volunteers repaired her leaking kitchen sink, repaired her bathroom faucet, replaced her toilet, and installed motion detector lights and also installed special hearing impaired smoke/CO2 detectors.

Matthew Purcell, PCI Pest Control’s owner and a military veteran, reached out to Rebuilding to help on a project and Chong’s was a perfect fit. PCI employees and family members cleaned gutters, mowed the lawn, removed invasive blackberry bushes and trees, pruned overgrown plants, installed bird blocks, did pest prevention work in the crawl space, and repaired her chain link fence. Thank you PCI!

On May 1, employees from Oly Fed (RTTC’s 2018 Toolbox Hero) and students from Pope John Paul II High School painted Chong’s home and storage shed. The enthusiastic volunteers did a great job and the house looks amazing.

Chong’s home is now the pride of the neighborhood. With the repairs and painting her home should serve her for many more years to come. A neighbor commented that because of the work we did on Chong’s home, his property value had increased by at least $20,000. Yes, our work matters for the homeowner as well as the neighborhood.



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