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The "Best Laid Plans..."

Because of COVID, Suzette’s 2020 Rebuilding Day project was delayed. On May 22, 2021, an enthusiastic crew from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, led by Board Member Lane Sater, started work on her project. The plan was to replace her bathroom and living room floors and make some improvements to her exterior. As often happens with any project, things did not go according to plan.

While removing the existing living room floor, volunteers discovered a live electrical line running across the sub-floor surface. No flooring work could be done until the electric line was properly run. Reliable Electric, a contractor partner, was able to correct the electrical issue.

Upon removing the bathroom floor, volunteers discovered that the toilet’s plumbing was located below the sub-floor. If the toilet plumbing developed a leak in the future, then the floor would have to be cut to access it. On top of that, a hot water tank blocked access to leaking shower fixtures. Volunteers removed the tank to create access to the leaking fixtures and planned to reinstall it, but noticed it was over 20 years old (a hot water tank typically lasts 10 to 15 years). RTTC called 2021 Toolbox Hero Springer Plumbing to repair the toilet and shower plumbing and install a new water tank. Springer’s work resolved current plumbing issues and prevented new ones from developing.

Making adjustments to Rebuilding Day projects is not unusual. What is unusual about Suzette’s project is the amount of unplanned work that cost over $2,000 (with discounts from our contractors). We never know what we are going to find during a project and we take our homeowner’s safety and long term home livability seriously.

And in case you are wondering, the volunteers did a great job on Suzette’s exterior projects. The property looks great.



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