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2021 Facts & Figures

Covid didn’t stop Rebuilding Together from helping our neighbors in 2021. Last year RTTC:

  • received 59 applications;

  • completed ADA modifications and repairs on 41 homes;

  • improved the lives of 52 people;

  • 83% of the households we helped had a disabled occupant;

  • 68% of the households had someone who was 62 or older residing there;

  • the median income of our applicants was $14,500;

  • our “typical” 2021 applicant was a 65 year old single woman who was disabled, living on an income of $1,150 a month, and living in a single wide mobile home in a park with a rent of $600 a month.

The two biggest needs we met in 2021 were ADA modifications and plumbing repairs.

Typical ADA modifications included:

  • installation of grab bars and handrails;

  • installation of high profile toilets and wheelchair ramps.

Plumbing work included:

  • installation of new hot water tanks;

  • repair of leaking pipes, faucets, and sinks. One of the homeowners we helped had shut off water to her entire home to prevent damage from a leaking hot water tank (the home was so old there was no shut off valve to just the hot water tank).

Because of financial constraints, the two biggest needs we didn’t meet in 2021 were new roofs and new walk in/roll in showers. Many of our disabled clients can’t physically or safely climb over the lip of a tub to take a shower. Removing an existing shower/tub combination and installing a walk in/roll in shower costs between $5,000 and $8,000. Roofs cost a minimum of $10,000 and there is usually water damage to the underlayment and house ceilings which also must be addressed.



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