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A Tree (Removal) for Christmas

A tree removal for Christmas that is. Sandra lives on an income of just $1,000 a month. Several years ago Sandra had to choose between paying for food or paying for homeowners’ insurance; she chose food.

When a tree fell on her roof over two years ago, she had no insurance or savings to remove the tree or have her roof and home repaired. After two plus years of living with a tree poking through her roof, water pouring into her home, and continuous home damage from being exposed to the elements, Sandra contacted Rebuilding Together Thurston County. A contractor removed the tree on Dec. 10, 2020, and Weatherguard Roofing applied a tarp to protect her roof and home.

We can’t afford to replace her roof but we have stopped the ongoing damage to her home AND prevented the tree from falling all the way through and injuring her.



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