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Another Successful Rebuilding Day!

Thanks to over 100 volunteers on Rebuilding Day, we improved the lives of six homeowners. Volunteers from America’s Credit Union, Marshalls, Columbia Bank, Evergreen Christian Church, John Erwin Remodeling, Prospect Construction, ProBuild/Builders FirstSource, CW Construction, SCJ Alliance, First United Methodist Church, state employees and many more from the community made Rebuilding Day a huge success!! At David’s, Chuck and Maria (House Captains) and volunteers cleaned up the landscape and spread mulch, built a new fence, washed windows, and continued his home’s interior clean up and organization. David joined the volunteers for lunch and thanked them for their hard work. He is excited to be part of the neighborhood again as neighbors haven’t been too friendly due to his property’s condition. He also looks forward to having friends over to visit again, because his home is more presentable and has working bathrooms. As we were working on his home, a teenage girl who was selling hanging baskets as a fundraiser stopped by to visit. She and her parents donated a hanging basket to David because they were so excited and happy for him and wanted to be part of the experience. Thanks to Subway, there were some happy people at lunch time!

At Michael’s project, first time House Captain, David, along with Columbia Bank employees and others, worked hard on the landscape and in the house. They properly glued down his hazardous kitchen floor, and removed some very old orange shag carpet and installed safe laminate flooring. Through our house captain’s persistence in locating the right parts, a new shower stall was installed replacing an old leaky one. Our house captain also showed Michael some basic home maintenance skills, because he is a first time homeowner as of last year. Michael recently retired from 45 years as a long haul trucker. Sandwiches from Jimmy John’s were the lunch treat that day – and with the choices, everyone found something to their liking. Mother/Daughter duo, Cathy and Penny, both disabled, were just down the street from Michael’s project. Very experienced handyman Alan and his volunteer crews from Marshalls, Prospect Construction and John Erwin Remodeling removed an old hazardous deck and installed a new one. They also cleaned the home’s gutters, stained the wood surfaces at the home’s entry, cleaned up the yard, and replaced the bathroom floor. Jimmy John’s did not one but two sets of lunches – and these guys were every bit as satisfied as those at Michael’s project!

For Patty's house, the First United Methodist Church of Olympia volunteers delayed a missionary trip to Guatemala to help on Rebuilding Day. That is dedication! Bruce and his hard working crew replaced sub-floors that had water damage in both the kitchen and the bathroom. They also removed a combination bathtub/shower and installed a shower stall because the aging homeowner was having trouble getting in and out of the tub. We’ve heard more than once that church ladies make great lunches – and these FUMCO ladies did not disappoint! In Rochester, veteran House Captain, Lane and volunteers from ProBuild (now known as Builders FirstSource), CW Construction, and SCJ Alliance replaced failing siding and repainted the entire home in just a couple of hours for Miss P. and her sister, both of whom are elderly. They were all over the project! The younger volunteers enjoyed a water fight at the end of the day. Have you been to Mills Diner in Rochester? They provided lunch and it was fantastic! Dan and his crew removed carpeting and installed laminate flooring for Kerry, disabled from polio. Dan has been a great volunteer for Rebuilding for about two years now, and his crew of friends and family working with him are also now interested in being more involved. Yippee! And last, but absolutely not least, Subway provided lunches for this hungry crew.

Thanks to everyone’s volunteer efforts and donations, we transformed the lives of six people and their families. Thank you!

Picture this: you have anywhere from 12-25 people milling around working on their various jobs but it’s now about 10 or 10:30 am and the coffee has run its course. There’s only one bathroom in the home where everyone is working and it’s the major focus of work that day. What to do? Be very grateful that we have Island Johnny on our side – that’s what!

For more than six years this company has been present at every one of our projects that involves more than 4 or 5 people. Their friendly office staff, their pristine “portable potties” and their prompt service has made them one of our favorite vendors – not to mention that they provide a service which we couldn’t function without. To Matt, Rob, Tina, Chris and all of you: thank you so much for your exemplary service and support of what RTTC is doing in Thurston County!

It was a dark and stormy morning...

sort of. We certainly thought it was going to be that. But we were incredibly fortunate as all 23 people working on Jen’s project on Saturday, August 11th held their collective breaths that the rain would hold off until the day was finished. And it almost did.

A bit of mist in the morning stopped no one. A bit more in early afternoon was no deterrent either. And in between there was a whole lotta’ work happin’!!! Crews from Hawks Prairie Rotary and from the Yelm High School football team accomplished far more that there was any right to expect, given the number of people who were there. Utilizing a significant grant from Lowe’s and along with a small but skilled and coordinated crew from First United Methodist Church (who have become regulars thanks to their fearless leaders, Bruce and Julie Keough) here’s what Jen, the homeowner was thrilled about:

  • A falling-down fence was replaced

  • A rotted deck was replaced

  • Many cubic yards of yard debris was hauled off (oh, those pesky blackberries!)

  • A shed was demolished

  • A dog run was demolished

  • Sheetrock in the laundry room was replaced

  • And finally, at the end of the day, the main posts for the new fencing were set in concrete – at which point the heavens opened up. Whew, yes, we dodged a bullet!

Jennifer is a single mom with two daughters, one 18 and one 10. Her ex-husband/their father became abusive over the years and it got to the point that she had to move out with the girls because he would not abide by the no-contact orders. For over two years she lived in an apartment while renting out the house. During that time, because of so much upheaval (court dates, acting out children, missed work, etc), she lost her job. For over 3 years she lived off of her retirement, savings and temporary jobs. In April she got a new job and is feeling for the first time in quite a few years that life is on the up-swing – and this house maintenance was a huge part of that.

HOWEVER, there is still work to be completed: a bit of exterior painting, finish yard cleanup, spreading of lots of mulch, painting fences, etc. Contact us if you can help: 360-539-7830 or

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